Infrared Scans

The most important new technology in the home inspection industry is Infrared. Inspectors not using Infrared are literally blind to issues that are easily seen by a qualified inspector with the right IR Camera. 

Would you hire a inspector that didn't use a flashlight?

Think of infrared technology like a flashlight. A flashlight is essential to a home inspection, and there isn’t a single inspector that would show up to an inspection without one. There is no way to see inside of dark areas without a flashlight. 


The same can be said for infrared technology, like a flashlight an infrared camera helps us get a picture of what is going on in the inner workings of the home, where it is otherwise impossible to see without damaging the home.

Here are just some of things IR can illuminate for a home inspector.

  • Moisture Intrusion

  • Overloaded Wiring 

  • Energy Efficiency 

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Missing Insulation 

  • Air Sealing Issues

  • Window & Door Issues

  • Pests

  • HVAC  Performance

  • Appliance Performance

We believe Infrared is so important that we will not do a home inspection without it. IR scanning comes at no additional charge with all of our general home inspections.

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