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Objective and Independent are the two most important words when it comes to a WDI inspection. A WDI is an inspection for Wood Destroying Insects in your home or property. Pest control companies will often perform this same inspection however when buying a home it is best to have your home inspector handle this. 


Why not the pest company?

Conflict of interest. The pest company stands to benefit from recommending treatment not repairs. Carpenter ants for example will not infest dry wood. So if you have carpenter ants they are just a symptom of a moisture intrusion issue. Unfortunately pest control companies routinely fail to explain this to clients and recommend ongoing treatment. So long as you do not know about or correct the moisture intrusion issue they continue to collect your money while your home deteriorates.


We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to inspect for Wood Destroying Insects in homes and buildings.

Ohio Licensed Inspector OHI.2019005236

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