Sewer Scope

The most expensive thing not looked at during a General Home Inspection

Your underground Sewer Lateral Pipe is the most expensive thing not looked at during a General Home Inspection. This pipe connects the waste drainage pipes from your home to the tap at a sewer main or septic system.

Being surprised with a problem in this pipe is a housewarming gift nobody wants! Replacing this pipe can run $10k - $18k or even more.

Protect yourself, have a sewer scope inspection performed when getting your home inspected. Having your sewer pipe inspected with a camera scope is the only way to know for sure there's not an active problem. 

New Homes Too

It is well understood that older homes are susceptible to problems with this pipe. Unfortunately New Construction Homes are the source of many defects often discovered with the sewer line also.

Often a defect in a new construction sewer line will not show signs until a few years after construction.

Don't be left holding the bag, have this pipe inspected for peace of mind. In the event there is a defect found it will enable you to hold the builder accountable while the home is still under warranty.

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